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Photographer: John C. Trotter

Ashby St Ledgers row of cottages

Gazetteer No. G0196

Date 1908

Address 30-35 Main Street Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 8UN England


Lutyens designed a picturesque row of six cottages in the village of Ashby St. Ledgers for the Honourable Ivor Guest in 1908. The first impression is of the encompassing thatched roof with an unbroken roof-line at the top, embracing the dormer windows, and dipping lower along the end wings and along the back projections housing the fuel rooms. The walls were built with a base of stone taken from older buildings, then completed with roughcast over brick. Punctuation is provided by the small windows, buttresses, and sturdy brick chimneys. At the center of the building, an arched passageway, with an ornamental stone surround, provides access to the back gardens. Each of the six units was designed with three bedrooms, a kitchen, scullery, and parlour. (Contributor: Robyn Prater)


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