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Photographer: Stuart Martin

Ashwell Bury

Gazetteer No. G0363

Date 1922

Address Ashwell Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 5LX England


This is a remodelling and extension of an 1860 house of white brick in a simplified Italianate classical style. Lutyens proposed the replacement of the cornice with eaves, tidying up the chimneys but retaining the slate roof, inserting new sash windows and covering the brick with a cream scumbling or limewash. The builder, Mr F. J. Bailey of Ashwell, went to France to study shutter design before executing Lutyens’s green painted shutters. The most spectacular addition is the new staircase hall added in the rear courtyard. Square in plan, it is lit by an octagonal lantern and has glazed internal windows on three sides of the first floor with mirror on the fourth. The grand scale of the staircase gives the whole reconstruction of the house an important and effective focus. (Amery et al, 1981, Cat no.262)


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Also Cited In

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