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Barham Court

Gazetteer No. G0245

Date 1912

Address Barham Canterbury, Kent CT4 6PD England


At Barham Court, Lutyens was presented with the challenge of designing an addition and reconfiguring the entrance to provide privacy for an existing eighteenth-century house. His solution was to design a wing at right angles to the main block of the house. To the north-east, a new living-room wing with a loggia at the end, formed an enclosed east lawn. This enclosure was completed by an alcove screen built on the south side of the building. To the north-west, the new wing provided space for kitchen and service quarters. The north-east and north-west wings were connected with a concave wall featuring an impressive entry surround accented by a massive stone lintel. The windowless façade presented to the village is a balanced composition of small-size brickwork with large chimney-stacks on either end, framing the brickwork detailing of the concave wall and a central entrance doorway approached up a flight of inflected curved steps. (Contributor: Robyn Prater)


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