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Chapel Royal altar cross

Gazetteer No. G0041

Date pre 1897

Address 35 Hampton Street Hampton Court, Greater London SE17 3AN? England


This was the gift of Charlotte Dalison de la Poer Beresford Peirse in memory of her husband Captain Maximillian Digges, who was killed in the Sudan in 1885. Lutyens designed a large and striking cross, which would be seen set against the giant early eighteenth-century reredos in the Chapel Royal. The triangular base and swelling form of the brass are purely Lutyens but there is a touching tribute to Wren in the three-winged cherubs. (Amery et al., 1981, cat no.498)


Amery, C., Richardson, M. and Stamp, G. (1981) Lutyens, the Work of the English Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944): Hayward Gallery London, 18 November 1981-31 January 1982. London: Arts Council of Great Britain.

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