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Clos du Dan


Gazetteer No. G0079

Date 1898

Address Varengeville, Seine-Maritime France


Very little is known about this project. According to Robert Mallet (January 1994), however, Le Clos du Dan is a farmhouse opposite the main entrance to Le Bois des Moutiers. In 1905 Guillaume proposed to alter and enlarge it as a residence for his daughter Pascaline and asked Lutyens to propose a scheme. Nothing came of it and later Lutyens persuaded him to build a completely new house – Les Communes. (Richardson, 1994, p.56)


Richardson, M. (1994) Sketches by Edwin Lutyens: Drawings from the Collection of Royal INsistute of British Architects (RIBA Drawings Monographs No. 1). London: Wiley.

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