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Delsaux Farm Cemetery

Gazetteer No. G0694


Address Beugny, Pas de Calais France


At this location there was a cemetery, constructed by the Germans, originally containing British and German graves. It was extended for soldiers from a Casualty Clearing Station. A little later, the German graves were removed and the British were reburied. The other graves were transferred here from the battlefields after the war.

The triangular piece of ground lies at a road junction and is divided into three plots varying in size. Each plot has a central path. The War Stone lies on the east side in front of the middle plot, with the land tablet on the opposite side. The Cross of Sacrifice enjoys a prominent position in the corner. The visitor enters the cemetery via a seven-step stairway that has been incorporated in the plateau with the Cross of Sacrifice. In addition, the plateau also accommodates several plant beds.

The height of the plateau is continued on in the wall around the cemetery. The cemetery ground descends toward the corner with the Cross of Sacrifice, so that the wall is detached at that point. In terms of greenery, the cemetery is relatively sober. Besides the plant beds adjoining the Cross, there was originally a hedge behind the wall, around the cemetery. At present, two small trees flank the War Stone. (Geurst, 2010, p.266)


Geurst, J. (2010) Cemeteries of the Great War by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Rotterdam: 010 Publishers.

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