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Fosse No 10 Communal Cemetery Extension

Gazetteer No. G0711


Address Sains-en-Gohelle, Pas de Calais France


The elongated cemetery lies wedged between two parts of the municipal graveyard. The field with graves slopes down from the entrance. It is bordered on three sides by a wall that follows the slope of the terrain in the first part. A hedge borders the third side. There are three plots, each with four longitudinal rows of graves. Beyond a horizontal plateau with the Cross of Sacrifice lies another low-lying plot with graves of the Chinese Labour Corps, facing the Cross of Sacrifice. Seven rowan trees surround the Cross of Sacrifice. (Geurst, 2010, p.300)


Geurst, J. (2010) Cemeteries of the Great War by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Rotterdam: 010 Publishers.

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