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Photographer: John C. Trotter

Howth Castle

Gazetteer No. G0219

Date 1910

Address County Dublin, Dublin Ireland


When Mr. St. Lawrence entered upon his inheritance he followed his forefathers’ tradition by setting about building and added a library tower, designed by Mr. Lutyens, at the south-west end of the wing containing the drawing-room. In this, as indeed in all the new work, the general outlines and character of the older building were closely followed. Immediately adjoining it was an old walled garden in which Mr. Lutyens opened an attractive round doorway leading by a broad paved way to a round pool. In the angle formed by this wing and the part of the castle which runs north and south a small loggia was built of the local granite, the refractory nature of which Mr. Lutyens has recognised by treating the material in the simplest possible way. One of the oriel windows added at the same time in the kitchen court is also illustrated. The general work of reparation of the interior revealed in the hall fireplace an old elliptical arch which enabled the original open hearth to be used once more. Above it Mr. Macdonald Gill had painted, under Mr. Lutyens direction, a charming conventional map of Howth and the neighbouring sea and a dial which records the movement of a wind gauge. The dining-room is a delightful apartment which has been formed by throwing together three little rooms, the panelling of which was carefully re-used. (Weaver, 1916, p.21)


WEAVER, L., 1916. COUNTRY HOMES GARDENS OLD & NEW: HOWTH CASTLE, IRELAND, THE SEAT OF Mr. Julian Gaisford St. Lawrence. Country Life (Archive : 1901 – 2005), 40(1017), pp. 14-21.

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National Inventory of Architectural Heritage, Rating: National

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Cdr Julian Gaisford- St Lawrence