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Photographer: Stuart Handley

Jaipur column

Gazetteer No. G0284

Date 1912

Address , New Delhi India


The cost of a column to commemorate the Coronation Durbar and the transfer of the capital was offered by the Maharajah of Jaipur in 1912. The cream stone column, on its double pedestal of red and cream, supports a stone egg, from which flowers a bronze lotus and above this floats a six-pointed glass star, 148 feet above the ground. This is supported on a steel tube which runs through the column from its concrete base. The (unfinished) panels on the pedestal were carved by Giudicci from models by C. S. Jagger.

The Jaipur Column was the subject of Lutyens’s Diploma work, presented to the Royal Academy when he was elected a full Academician in 1920. (Amery et al, 1981, cat no.427)


Amery, C., Richardson, M. and Stamp, G. (1981) Lutyens, the Work of the English Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944): Hayward Gallery London, 18 November 1981-31 January 1982. London: Arts Council of Great Britain.

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