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Photographer: Tim Skelton

King’s Somborne War Memorial

Gazetteer No. G0331

Date 1920

Address King’s Somborne, Hampshire SO20 6PH England


As at nearby Stockbridge, the war memorial in nearby King’s Somborne arose because of the relationship between the architect and Herbert Johnson. The memorials are very similar – the only difference being the base upon which the memorial stands (King’s Somborne’s is square, Stockbridge’s is round).

Johnson chaired a meeting to discuss the memorial in February 1919 at which various wide-ranging suggestions were made, encompassing a wayside cross and, ambitiously, a Parish Hall. Promises of £100 were made, including one from Johnson himself. In due course a Lutyens “war cross” was chosen which was unveiled on Easter Sunday, 27 March 1921. Writing about the event Johnson said the committee considered the cross to be “chaste and simple in character, dignified in appearance, while its proportions were beautiful and perfect, and of great artistic merit.” (Contributor: Peter Skelton)


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