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Photographer: Benjamin J. Hatherell

Leadenhall St Midland Bank

Gazetteer No. G0449

Date 1928

Address London, Greater London EC3V 4PS England


The Midland Bank’s Leadenhall Street office, commissioned in 1928, was built on a relatively narrow site with only a single extension. Lutyens used the maximum height then permitted by the London Buildings Acts but he also added two tall towers (not subject to the Acts) above the six-floor building. Designed in collaboration with Whinney Son and Austen Hall, who were responsible for general planning and supervision, the project was completed in 1931. (Amery et al, 1981, Cat no.198)

The MIDLAND BANK (Nos. 139-144), 1929-31, has an elevation by Lutyens on a building by Whinney, Son & Austen Hall. An in- geniously calculated drawing-board design, treated with much self- possession, despite the unspectacular size and position. Typical of Lutyens the ground-floor windows tucked under big arches. Arched mezzanine windows, with sills coming down segmentally. Narrow windows in the upper storeys. Attic recessed between broken-pedimented aedicules, above which rise matching square open turrets, visible at a distance. Saucer domes in the ground floor loggia, but no Lutyens alchemy within. (Bradley & Pevnser, 1997, pp.530-1)


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