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Gazetteer No. G0201

Date 1909

Address Mells, Somerset BA11 3PE England


Lutyens was friendly with the McKennas and the Horners and he worked on both their houses in this Somerset village. The McKennas were loyal clients and asked Lutyens to rebuilt Mells Park after a fire. Sir John and Lady Horner moved back into Mells Manor House by the church in 1900 and Lutyens restored the largely Elizabethan House. Some of his finest memorials and tombs are at Mells for both the families. The monument in the church to Edward Horner, son of Sir John, is one of Lutyens’s best and most moving tributes to the waste of life in the Great War. In the village he designed a simple stone and yew War Memorial and a well. (Amery et al., 1981, p.143)


Amery, C., Richardson, M. and Stamp, G., (1981) Lutyens, the Work of the English Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944): Hayward Gallery London, 18 November 1981 – 31 January 1982. London: Arts Council of Great Britain.

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