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Photographer: John C. Trotter

Midland Bank Piccadilly

Gazetteer No. G0359

Date 1922

Address London, Greater London England


Anxious to expand its business in the West End of London, the Midland Bank acquired the site of the old vestry hall at St. James’s Piccadilly in 1921. The design was a collaboration between Lutyens, who was responsible for the elevations and the ground floor ceiling, and Whinney Son and Austen Hall, who managed the project and carried out all the remaining design work. The building was completed in 1925. (Amery et al, 1981, Cat no.196)

St James’s Rectory follows, and then the church itself, set back from the street. In the nw corner of the churchyard where the vestry hall once stood, and itself like a little parish watch­house, the former Midland Bank by Lutyens, 1922–4. A very successful hors d’œuvre of his; Summerson called it impudent, illogical, and enchanting. Of Portland stone and orangey two­inch brick, chosen to harmonize with Wren, but not too high so as not to compete with him. The whole fits into a 42-ft or 20.8-metre cube. Twin entrances, one false, with oval openings and little square windows over. One tall central straight-headed window. Eric Broadbent did the carving. In the banking hall a moulded ceiling, w gallery, and much impeccable walnut (bank architects Whinney, Son & Austen Hall). (Bradley & Pevsner, 2003, p.558)


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