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Photographer: Tim Skelton

Norwich War Memorial

Gazetteer No. G0429

Date 1927

Address St Peters Street Norwich, Norfolk NR2 1NH England


There had been many ambitious schemes for memorials in Norwich, all of which founded due to over-ambition or popular criticism. Charles Bignold took the matter in hand upon being elected Lord Mayor in 1926 and decided that the construction of a physical memorial should be accompanied by improvements to two local hospitals. Lutyens was appointed and the memorial is one of his most modest – a simple, low cenotaph incorporating a Stone of Remembrance with gold flambeaux at either end.

It was unveiled on 9 October 1927 by Sir Ian Hamilton and Bertie Withers, whose name had been drawn at random from applications from local ex-servicemen. The memorial was relocated from its original location in front of the Guildhall in 1938 following completion of the new Town Hall to be part of a new garden overlooking the Market Place. It was refurbished, turned through 180° so that it now faces the Town Hall and rededicated on 11 November 2011.

The names of the Fallen are incorporated on a wooden Roll of Honour (also designed by Lutyens). (Contributor: Tim Skelton)


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