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Photographer: Richard Breese

Philipson mausoleum

Gazetteer No. G0275

Date 1914

Address Hoop Lane London, Greater London NW11 7NL England


Apart from a few gravestones for his family and friends, Lutyens only designed two mausolea before the end of the First World War. The first was the Hannen columbarium in Wargrave Churchyard (1905) , and the second the Philipson Mausoleum. Both have a Roman character, the latter especially evoking a miniature Pantheon surrounded by a grille-like wall. The Philipson mausoleum still survives and is important in prefiguring his work on the later war memorials. (Richardson, 1994, p.72)

Off the E walk, PHILIPSON MAUSOLEUM, by Sir Edwin Lutyens, 1938: severely classical: circular, of stone with bronze doors, open shallow dome, surrounded by a stone lattice screen. Inside, two small urns on a plinth. The grounds start as an open field in front of the cloister, then become an informal woodland garden with pools, a very English conception. (Cherry & Pevsner, 1998, p.136)


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