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Photographer: Tim Skelton

Wargrave War Memorial

Gazetteer No. G0328

Date 1920

Address Wargrave, Berkshire RG10 8EU England


For the village of Wargrave, on the banks of the Thames east of Reading, Lutyens designed a uniquely fine version of his standard cross. It was the only occasion on which the hexagonal cross section of the shaft continued all the way through the base to include the steps (of which there are four rather than the customary three). It is the finest of his memorials of this type.

The commission probably arose due to the connection with the local Hannen family. Nicholas “Beau” Hannen had worked for Lutyens between 1902-05 and the architect had designed the neo-Byzantine columbarium for the family in the nearby churchyard (1906).

The memorial was unveiled on 28 May 1922 by the Bishop of Oxford. (Contributor: Peter Skelton)


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