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Photographer: Chris Knowles

Johannesburg art gallery

Gazetteer No. G0256

Date 1910

Address King George Street Johannesburg, Transvaal South Africa


The entrance front, facing South, was built first, along with the wings facing north. But the Northeast and Northwest corner wings were never built, nor the north range completing the central courtyard. The Southeast and Southwest wings were added, in 1940-1944, by Robert Howden, a local architect, who had superintended the construction of the original building. These are more or less to Lutyens’s design, plus odd pergolas. The loggias which Lutyens designed in the centre of the East and West fronts, between the wings, were never done. Also the entrance portico, a version of St. Paul’s, Covent Garden, was not meant to be confronted by a railway cutting as it is today; Lutyens designed a wide bridge to cover this area. The moving spirit behind the commission was Mrs Lionel Philips, assisted by Hugh Lane. (Amery et al, 1981, cat no.182)


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